You’re Censoring People, not Corporations

The moment a corporation stands up, like Frankenstein’s Monster, and starts talking without human intervention, I’ll agree that they might be censored.

But the fact is that a “corporation” is comprised of individuals, and THEY have their freedom of speech protected…even while they work for or own that corporation.

Censorship advocates, like judicial nominee Elena Kagan, and Liberal Republican John McCain, want to silence people, on the flimsy premise that they happen to be members of a corporation. They are violating the first amendment, because individuals are writing the copy that is being banned from publication.

You might as well censor them for belonging to a political party. We could just say “the constitution protects individuals, not parties”.

For that matter, publishing houses, newspapers, and blog hosting sites are corporations…everything they publish could be censored the same way.

You could censor the corporation if it tried to talk like some monstrous creation, but not the employees and management of the company who are actually buying political ads or other speech.

The True Means of Production

Socialists like to proclaim that the workers are the means of production, and therefore should own all of its benefits.
But the factory worker is, in fact, the LEAST of the elements that goes into the production of wealth:
  • The inventor’s role is indispensable.
    Without him, there is nothing to make.
  • The entrepreneur, who recognizes the value of the invention and promotes its production, is almost as important.
    Without him, the invention is a dead end.
  • While anyone can invest, those who do are unique among the society in taking a risk and enabling the production.
    Without them, there are no resources for making it.
  • Without the facilitation of the management, everything would still fall on its face. Only some people are capable of organizing with any competence.
    Without this, people end up running in circles.
  • The engineers, who may not know science, but figure out how to produce things efficiently, have a relatively rare skill.
    Without them, nothing can be built effectively.
  • After all of that, the workers are little more than human cogs. Almost anyone can be trained into a production worker’s role…a fact that is exploited by the oppressive union monopolies, who TREAT them like interchangeable numbers.

Laborers can be proud of how they accomplish their otherwise-interchangeable role, and of their potential to move beyond their basic position. They have a right to the ambition of moving up into a less disposable role…but to pretend they are the “means of production” is fraudulent.

A New Source of (More Timely) Information

I appear to have a significant following for my blog, But Now You Know, as well as my post of the day sites, Words of the Sentient, and High Vocabulary Word of the Day. Unfortunately, the economic depression also has me working more hours on-site with my web dev/graphics company, Vorpalize.

I am going to try to continue to produce quotations and vocabulary words on a near-daily basis, although it may be somewhat more intermittent.

On the other hand, I have a very high standard for articles I post to But Now You Know. I prefer quality over quantity. Each article requires citations of sources, at least one unique graphic, preferably created by my self, and of course solid, relatively comprehensive rhetoric on the topic at hand.

I simply won’t have much time to do that…but I don’t want to deprive posterity of my unmitigated wisdom. Rather than compromise the quality of But Now You Know, I have therefore started this mini-blog. On a regular basis, perhaps even many times per day, I shall (hypothetically) post short assertions, refutations, et cetera, on socio-political topics. Comments about some media-covered political soundbite, the day’s hot issues, something a neocon talk show host said while I was driving home from a client’s site, et cetera.

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