Who is the Real Traitor: Wikileaks, or Their Attackers?

There is no more important expression to protect, than any truth embarrassing to the government.

That is, above all else, the freedom of speech the Founders wanted the First Amendment to preserve.

In fact, its big test, in 1798, was against the Alien and Sedition Acts, that were passed to silence those who would embarrass the US government.

This censorship so outraged the American public that it brought down the Adams administration, and destroyed the Federalist Party, that had dominated American politics up to that very point.

And that should tell you something about the kind of people who are wanting to censor Wikileaks, for the crime of publishing truth that is embarrassing to secretive liars in the US government.

And to those who would claim that Swedish/Australian Wikileaks isn’t protected:

The Founders clearly intended the entire Bill of Rights to restrain the US government in ALL actions, not just on Americans. Just ask Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Wherever the US government goes, the Constitution is there…it’s the sole source of its legitimacy. And the Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution.

Not only do the Obama administration and neocons want to violate the 1st amendment, but they are promoting the tyranny of government secrecy.

If the government keeps an embarrassing secret from its own voters, this changes how they vote. That is the same violation of an election as if there were armed stormtroopers in your polling booth, changing your vote.

What is the excuse these attackers of the Constitution use as their excuse? That people who have lied to and kept secrets from the American voter might be endangered.

It is yet another example of Appeal to Cowardice, their favorite tool today.

These people, who assault the American ideals of truth and justice, who want to engage in the terrorism of a police state against political speech, are the real traitors.

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6 Responses to Who is the Real Traitor: Wikileaks, or Their Attackers?

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    The only place the government is justified in keeping secrets from the public is in national security, which is why we have classified information. That was breached with the release of these documents.

    Where they’re not justified in keeping secrets is everything else, yet secret meetings between heads of corporations and our government have been a regular occurrence. They’ve even helped write laws that corporate America could benefit from, often at the expense of the middle class.

    • kazvorpal says:


      The only “national security” that the government is valid in keeping from its own voters is when there is some immediate, tactical issue, like when and where they’re about to invade an existing enemy.

      And even then, if the government keeps the secret AFTERWARD, it is violating the right of the voter to disapprove…and almost certainly doing it specifically for that reason.

      In fact, the central claim of the censors in this case is “embarrassment”, which is definitely never a valid reason for government secrecy. Anything embarrassing is almost certainly going to be a factor in how people vote.

  2. Jessica Holmes says:

    I’m all for government embarassment! The more transparent the better, and leaking info that makes elected officials feel sheepish should ever be a valid reason for prosecution. You’re right that we as voters need to know what our government is doing in order to make informed choices. The only thing I take small issue with is your reply to Ben in which you say that embarassment is the central issue. While you’re likely correct in that it’s the prime motivator, the central justification they’re giving the media is that some of the leaks name or very nearly name confidential government sources whose lives are now at risk. How hypocritical are State Dept. officials, lambasting WikiLeaks for putting sources in danger when they bear the primary burden of failure for making that information so easily accessible in the first place?Going after WikiLeaks is merely a distraction to save face, and more worryingly, to silence a challenge to pervasive government secrecy.

    • kazvorpal says:

      > central justification they’re giving the media is that some of the leaks name or
      > very nearly name confidential government sources whose lives are now at risk.

      No, because that leads back to the embarrassment:

      Why are they in danger? If they were honest and open, there would be no backlash, nothing to “leak”.

      The question isn’t why the officials weren’t even better at keeping info from us is irrelevant. The question is why on earth they get away with keeping the secrets in the first place.

  3. Okay, I have a stupid question based on a stupid work policy.

    What exactly have they published about the U.S. Government that is embarrassing to it but not dangerous to people?

    I would look it up myself, but I’m prohibited by my job from doing so.

    • kazvorpal says:

      Virtually everything in it is only “dangerous” insofar as it reveals bad secrecy and deception…like if some UN member nations wanted to shoot Hillary for having spies steal samples of their DNA.

      Most of the rest has names redacted, so it’s not really dangerous to anyone, at all.

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