Swine Flu is Good for You

If you listen closely to the media/politico hype about h1n1, you will notice some insanity embedded in it.

For example: earlier, I heard someone say “the CDC reports that H1N1 has killed over 800 people, worldwide.”

During flu season, COMMON FLU kills over 800 people, in the US alone, every week.

In fact, H1N1 Novel, the famous “swine flu” of the panic this year, has a much lower mortality rate than the common flu. It was less than one third as deadly as common flu, but its mortality is falling even lower, as the number of cases snowballs, yet few new deaths are reported.

In fact, instead of getting vaccinated against H1N1 novel, we should be throwing Swine Flu Parties. As we should throw chickenpox parties for our children.

Why? Because the vaccine only protects you from one specific breed of influenza, and that only barely, while actually catching any flu, including the swine flu, strengthens your immune system against ALL forms of flu, while making you more immune to that one kind than a shot would have.

So if you catch H1N1 novel, which is less dangerous than the common flu, it will make you less likely to catch the common flu. Which means you’re less likely to die, if you catch swine flu. It’s actually safer to catch it, than not.

Personally, and I am serious, not exaggerating for rhetorical reasons, if I get the opportunity, I will go out of my way to catch it. Since I am not suffering from some disability that makes flu high-risk for myself, I most certainly do not weaken my immune system with flu shots, ever. And I see less reason than normal, this year, since H1N1 novel is safer than the common flu.

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4 Responses to Swine Flu is Good for You

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  2. Stuart says:

    I feel largely the same way.

    I’ve never had the flu or any flu shots, but this year I got the shot for seasonal flu and the nasal mist for the swine flu because I have a 3 1/2 month old son. I hate all the pseudo-hysteria, but when my kid was involved, I figured I’d rather not risk it.

    I’m ambivalent about it all and not sure what I’ll do next year.

    • kazvorpal says:

      “Not risking it” is often, as is the case here, an irrational response that brings more risk, not less.

      The “swine flu” actually appears to be SAFER for your child to get, than the regular flu. Why on earth break your healthy habit of not weakening your immune system with flu shots now, when in fact deaths from influenza are likely to be abnormally low this year, as the safer “swine flu” displaces it?

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