Pakistan is Our Enemy

I’m watching the neocons and other Liberals on a pundit shouting show talk about how important Pakistan’s national security is to the US. This is like saying that the good-feeling properties of smoking tobacco are vital to the health of someone suffering from emphysema.

Pakistan’s government, and especially its military, is a mortal enemy of the US. They are one of the top state sponsors of terrorism, behind only Saudi Arabia. They put the Taliban in charge in Afghanistan, years ago. They overthrew their own democratically elected government. They ARE “Islamic extremists”.

And yet, all along, the idiots running US foreign policy have done nothing but facilitate this evil. We have sent them millions of dollars per year, becoming billions of dollars per year after the 9-11 attacks which, apparently, the Taliban government installed by Pakistan helped accomplish.

It was not terribly surprising for the Bush administration to continue the neocon policy of supporting our enemies in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, rewarding them for funding and teaching the terrorists who attack us…but it’s disappointing to see that the Obama administration is doing the same.

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4 Responses to Pakistan is Our Enemy

  1. neel123 says:

    My friend, you have to understand that there is a hidden (not so hidden) interest behind the US policy of keeping Pakistan afloat.

    Pakistan is an useful tool of the US to carry out its dirty works in the region. Pakistan is always ready to provide its services, in exchange of billions of dollars ofcourse.

    Where else will the US find an willing state like that….. ?

    The US is playing a grand game of countering China with the help of India, while making sure India is neutralized by arming Pakistan. In addition to that, the US would like to keep the back yard of Russia, Iran, China and India destabilized with the help of Pakistan.

    Makes sense my friend……… ?

    • kazvorpal says:

      I agree: We allied with the very enemy who put the Taliban in power, because that made it easy to remove the Taliban, itself. And Pakistan’s dictator agreed to it, because we were offering him two billion dollars per year as a bribe.

      It is logical, on the other hand, for the people of Pakistan to consider our government its enemy, because we propped up the tyrant who had overthrown their elected government. We commit one evil after another, that we would never tolerate some other country doing to us. It is the antithesis of the Golden Rule.

      Only sociopaths don’t grok the Golden Rule.

  2. ryhsheller says:

    I’m not so sure that Pakistan’s motivation is mere hatred of the US but more its own misguided political posturing. Pakistan has a history of appeasing the Taliban, drug traffickers and other radical groups doing business in the Hindu Kush, Kyber Pass. Pakistan has naively believed that it could keep some of these groups close as leverage in its poor relations with India. India has similarly allowed its territory to be havens for radical groups who have carried out attacks in Karachi in recent years. Its no different than when we paid the Taliban to hurt the Russians. We thought we could buy them off and control them. But these groups are stateless and have no loyalties just like any other criminal organization. They also fully anticipate that they will get $$ from Islamabad on Monday and get bombed by them on Tuesday.

    • kazvorpal says:

      Pakistan’s military IS comprised, largely, of Islamic extremists. They’re the ones who put the Taliban in power in Afghanistan, with our own military aid to help them.

      India is partially at fault for all of that. It has behaved as its own Evil Empire against states that tried to secede with Pakistan, that it didn’t want to lose, as with Kashmir. This vile, repressive behavior is exactly the environment that leads to such terror groups forming. The most evil and insane members of society end up rising to the top under such conditions.

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